Tuesday, October 27, 2009

IBESR moves forward

Some good news from the front: late on Friday night I came home from a high school football game to find an email from Margarette - 7 children were out of IBESR!!

I got to wake up several families with some wonderful news. When I tell you that I will call you, day or night, weekend or Christmas, with any good news, I am not kidding.

The statistics are as follows:

  1. in IBESR 6/19/2009, out 10/22. Family has two bio children.

  2. second child for the same family

  3. in IBESR September 2008, out 10/22/2009. Family had two bio children at the time of application and had been married for 9 years. No idea why they had to wait so long - perhaps they sat on the case until the parents' 10th anniversary?

  4. in IBESR 6/19/2009, out 10/22. Family has two bio children

  5. in IBESR 6/19/2009, out 10/22. Single mother meets the law of 1974

  6. in IBESR 3/4/2009, out 10/22. Family has three bio children

  7. same family as above

My heart breaks for the children who had to wait for so long during the long period where nothing was moving forward. We have one family who started two separate adoptions well over a year apart, and it appears their daughters will leave Haiti on the same plane.

As you read the statistics above, please keep in mind that what has happened in these cases does not necessarily predict what will happen in your adoption case. Really the only thing you can count on is that Margarette and I will do everything in our power to bring your children home as fast as we can.

These quick Dispensations for three of the families gives us great hope. At this time, Parquet court and the Ministry of the Interior are generally processing legitimate adoption cases smoothly. We must hope for swift passage home for all of the children at BRESMA, and all of the waiting children of Haiti.

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