Thursday, November 26, 2009

A New Family's Thanksgiving Letter

This letter is posted by permission of a new family living in Colorado in their wish to give hope and encouragement to everyone waiting for their children to come home from Haiti.

Hello friends and family,

Just a quick holiday greeting and update before the festivities begin! So the past couple of weeks were scattered with more firsts....Jazzie's first hair appointment, Cameron's first haircut, their first ride in a Lotus, their first friend home from BRESMA orphanage, first trip to the hot springs....etc. I've attached some photos I've taken over the last couple weeks, some might be repeats as I've finally got a computer that allowed me to download and I wanted all their pics in one album!

Anyways.....we've certainly been busy, having play dates, visitors, house guests and such. It's been wonderful to share Cameron and Jasmine with all our friends and family and we so appreciate the yummy foods, treats and company since their homecoming!

I'm working on completing their validation paperwork and almost have it finished. The adoption is recognized federally but the state of Colorado requires that you legalize/validate the adoption for the state! So more paperwork, more notaries and more money!! I'm hoping to get it out before the week is out. We obtained their citizenship papers and their social security cards this past month and this will be one of the last steps to finalize everything!

As we approach Thanksgiving I wanted to write a message about all the things I'm Thankful for......not sure if this will still be a brief email but I'll try to make it abbreviated! :)

I'm thankful to have a loving and supportive husband, whom I could never of made it through this journey to parenthood without. I'm incredibly blessed to have him in my life. I'm thankful for our two beautiful children, Cameron and Jasmine whom proved miracles are possible! I'm thankful for Cameron and Jasmine's birth parents who made a selfless decision to give their children a better life, without their decision, we wouldn't be filled with the joy of having Cam and Jazzie in our life. I'm thankful for Jamie and Ali for their love and support of our children and for keeping them and the children of BRESMA safe while their families wait to bring them home. I'm thankful for our family and friends that have provided us support and love throughout this entire process! I am truly grateful for all the blessing we have received this past year!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone....May blessings be bountiful in your life!

Love, Liz, Jon, Cam, Jazzie and Daisy too!
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