Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Visit from Quisqueya Christian School

Margarette has arranged for the children of BRESMA I to have visits from the ninth grade class of nearby Quisqueya Christian School

The message below is from Quisqueya teacher Denise Blesh.

The QCS 9th grade students are beginning to bond with & becoming friends & care about the children at Bresma 1. It is good to see them responding so well! It is getting them to think about a lot of things!

These children at QCS will have the ability & education to be part of the governing body for the future of Haiti if they choose. We hope & pray that these types of mission trips will help the students realize the many different needs of Haiti, help them to think about others & not just themselves & why it is important to have goals for the future to be able to help Haiti by creating a honest, educated & productive government.

Thank you again for participating with Quisqueya Christian School in this matter,

Denise Blesh & the 9th grade QCS class

Here is Denise's update from the latest visit, just yesterday:

Today went really well. Thank you again for this opportunity. Every visit seems to go even better than the previous one, which is wonderful. I believe ALL of the children both young & older had a great time today :)

Highlights for your kids today were:

Lunch & then Christmas cake
Christmas stories, each page read in English by one student then immediately translated in Creole by another student...the B1 kids loved it...
Playtime outside

Thank you Denise and students for your time and caring. It couldn't be more obvious that you
are bringing great joy to the children at BRESMA I!

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  1. Hi, I think this is so good. It is so important that children from well-to-do families see the children of the poor as this will influence their perspectives and make them better citizens of Haiti.