Sunday, January 17, 2010

Homeward Bound

An update on our kids, who are on their way:

Gen Lepper/Mr. Peters--

As you know by now, we have lift off! What a great day for me-- I can only image what it is for the parents.

Tail number: C-17 is xxxxx
Departed 1734
ETA: 1904
Destination: xxxxxxx

Despite our small shuffle getting everyone together at the airport, everything went well. CNN was there with full coverage of the event. It will be on tonight.

I am so impressed with the embassy workers. Charly (sp?), their escort, is riding up with them and turning right around. Her home was completely destroyed.

I am grateful to have been a part. What great, well-behaved kids (I miss that age).



Lt Col Randon Draper


  1. I am very proud of General Lepper, Lt Col Randon Draper and my husband Captain Johannes Claus, and everyone else at Scott AFB legal office (and in Haiti) involved in helping you bring these children to their new families. They are great men who daily do amazing things

  2. I am SO GRATEFUL for these amazing updates, Diana!!! Thank you! Kudos to all!

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  4. I have a cargo plane and taking a load of formula, baby food, etc. I tried to contact you via KAS, but so luck. If you or anyone you work with have contacts in Haiti, I think I have an army division who can help me with distribution. I have lost contact with the orphanage director I was working with, but do not want to lose the plane and supplies for lack of direct recipient so I am just going to bring it and hope that I make contact with groups in need prior to my arrival. If you can help, please contact me... Craig Kempf 321-591-5460. There is still time to request specific items as there is still space on plane. Thanks.