Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Margarette and BRESMA I children are safe!

I have recieved information from Europe that Margarette communicated with two French families. She and her family are safe. The children at BRESMA I are safe. The following is a translation of the original IM conversation in French.

Bresma...Good evening Marsye could you please pass along the message that all of the children are well since I am unable to reach others

Maryse...Hello, is this Margarette
Maryse...I am so happy to get the news
Maryse...We are so worried for you
Marsye...Margarette is that you?
Marsye...I will passe along the message
Marsye...Tell me if you are ok
Marsye...All of this is so horrible
Marsye...We are going to organize ourselves to try to help you
Bresma...Yes, it's me
Bresma...Thank you
Marsye...Your family? (she is asking how they are doing)
Marsye...I am crying while reading this (hearing from you) I am so happy to read this (hear from her)
Marsye...What do you need?
Bresma...Everyone is fine. The children also. I had to send all the children from bresma 2 to bresma 1, since bresma 2 is a little damaged. I would like an engineer to see it and make some repairs before allowing the children back there.
Bresma...bresma 3 is also damaged the children have been transferred to the guest house.
Marsye... ok
Marsye... I will tell them right away
Marsye...Do you have news from other orphanages?
Marsye...CEPAH? We know that our lady of the nativity has been damaged
Marsye...It's horrible
Marsye...I send my regard to you and all Haiti ens, we think of you a lot and we wish that international aid reach you soon in this difficult time. leaving texting
Bresma...Thank you I will try to keep you posted
Marsye...Thank you
Marsye...Be brave

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  1. We are looking for any news regarding kids at Notre dame de la nativite. All we hear is that the news are not great.