Friday, January 15, 2010

Rumors Abound!

There are rumors all over the internet that all the children of BRESMA have been issued US Visas. This is NOT TRUE. To my knowledge, the State Department has not issued any Visas since the earthquake. If we had managed to get Visas for our children, I would be desperately trying for Visas for the rest of the children in orphanages.

It is true that we, along with every other agency, are seeking ways to airlift our children to the US for temporary shelter and safety. If we are somehow able to get our children to safety, the KAS team will immediately begin working with other agencies and orphanages to save their children too.

Some humanitarian aid is beginning to get through. BRESMA I received a delivery of water.

Four of the children living in foster care outside of the orphanage have been found alive. One will remain with her foster family. The other three are being brought to BRESMA.

Our hearts go out to the multitudes who have not been so fortunate.


  1. Does your tweet at 5:45ish mean that BRESMA I, II and III got food and water?

  2. Diana, I know Dutch people hve brought water twice to the Guesthouse. They try to reach Bresma1 to bring water too, but it´s a logistical nightmare.
    Please let me know if Bresma1 still needs water!!