Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wings of Hope and St. Joseph's Home for Boys

From an adoptive parent:

This is info from people connected with Hearts With Haiti - the organization that supports St. Joseph's Family... Ed Wolterman, from their board of directors, spoke directly with Michael Geilenfeld, founder of St. Joe's, who was @ the building in PAP when it collapsed. They talked to him yesterday, shortly after it all happened. At that point, they also spoke with Renee Dietrich, one of the Americans living & working up at Wings, where my boy is... it's harder getting through to them today...

I got word yesterday that Delmace and the other kids at the home where he lives (Wings of Hope) are OK. They are all safe for now – but there was serious damage to whole back of their building (the area that houses all of the dorms and areas where they kids generally are). Last night they were all huddled in one rather small room, near the front of the building. The main home of the organization, St. Joseph’s Home for Boys (in Petionville), was not as lucky. Their building is a total loss, but thankfully, all of the boys survived - Bill, one of the directors, was injured jumping from the roof but is expected to recover. We also got reports that their house in Jacmel, Trinity House, was OK and everyone is safe. They are all scared, and we are worried about immediate needs – food, water, shelter, and also about the long term process of rebuilding. But are thankful that everyone is alive.

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