Saturday, February 20, 2010

BRESMA Children Moved to Safe Haven

We are very fortunate that the orphanage directors in Haiti have a long standing tradition of working together for the good of the children they serve. Over the years, BRESMA orphanage has repeatedly sent very sick children to God’s Littlest Angels orphanage, up in the mountains near Kenscoff.

GLA is directed by Dixie Bickel, who is a registered nurse, has worked in Haiti for almost two decades. Her house is very well equipped with medical supplies and well trained staff. Her house is almost empty – almost all of the children have gone home to their forever families.

BRESMA orphanage is damaged. Although two engineers have visited and stated that the building is stable and will not fall, staff members remain too frightened to enter it at all. The nannies and children remained camped out on our very small, sloped concrete front patio under tents and shelters. Conditions were miserably uncomfortable at best, and with the rains coming, we were frightened for the children’s health. Pneumonia is a very common cause of death among young children in Haiti.

Margarette and Dixie have cooperated to bring ALL of the BRESMA children to God’s Littlest Angels. On the 19th of February, Margarette brought all of the children except for a few who were already sick, and on the 20th they joined everyone else at God’s Littlest Angels.

Dixie reports that the children who arrived on the 19th appear to be in good health. A few needed some Pediasure for weight gain, but no medical intervention was necessary.

Thank you to Dixie and her staff for showing once again that it’s all about the children.