Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Children Coming Home

The following was written by an adoptive mother whose daughters flew into Miami last night:

John, Gina, Josh & I are at the Ramada Inn in Miami! We had quite an adventure today including two lovely ladies from Southwest gettting us on a quick plane to Ft. Lauderdale from Orlando! Glory to God!

As we were getting our 12 passenger rental van to drive to Miami, I received a call from Christina! A red cross worker that she had been talking to about her family & showing pictures of us, let her use his phone! God bless, Micha! What an intelligent girl we have to bring her Mom & Dad's cell phone numbers with her! She immediately said, "We are in Miami". I forgot where I was so I said, "We are in Miami too!" She said "Ahhh, oui?!?!" with relief. She said she didn't have a good trip & that she was hungry & tired. I explained that they would be going to "The Children's Home". She said ok. I said I talked to the director & she is nice & they will feed you & let you sleep. I said you might sleep there, but we will be working to come to you. She said "Ok, come quick". I said ok & that we are praying that everything willl go quickly. Then, Carme Suze, Daana, Samentha & Claudia all said Hi & apparently, everyone besides Christina had a good trip ;) What touched me the most is that they were all saying I'm hungry & laughing. I don't know why it was funny, but I said they would get to eat soon. But, they kept laughing! I said they are having a party in the U.S.A.!

Then, we headed to His Home for Children where we would be processed by the Office of Refugee Resettlement & where the girls will be staying - hopefully, for just tonight. When we walked inside, I could feel the peace of God all over the place. They greeted us warmly & asked, How are you? I said, Great & started to cry & said I got to talk to our girls. Someone immediately gave me a hug. This is God's Home for Children & their mission statement includes taking care of the fatherless. I wish our girls were here at the hotel with us, but I felt comfortable knowing this is where they'd be (that is NOT how I felt earlier this evening!).

So then we met with someone from ORR & he was really nice. Looked at all our paperwork asked a few questions & said that they'd have to contact the USCIS for the fingerprint clearance that we did last week & that everything else looked good. They will merge our files with the ones that will come with the girls! We left the home at about 11pm & the girls had not arrived yet. Micha had said that there were many children to be processed while they were waiting at Miami Airport. They wouldn't have let them see us anyway. We can go back at 9am & have visitation at 10am. It is very likely that we will be approved to take them home by then. That's what we're praying for. It was all very smooth & very well done.

God has really been with us through it all & I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks, Diana & Lucy for making this happen! God is GREAT!


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