Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kids Helping Kids

These amazing children raised just over $2,000 for Haiti at their bake sale!

Hi Diana,

Here are two photos from Rocky Mountain Christian Academy's 3rd and 4th grade "Hearts for Haiti" Bake Sale to raise funds for KAS. My class and my team teacher's class is the 1st one (Mrs. Tadewald and Mrs. Fraser 3rd grade) and Trent's 4th grade class,Mrs. Weber, and the second 4th grade class of Mrs. Townsend are in the 2nd picture. I'll e-mail you a dollar amount after we total the funds from the sale and we also have a service project for individual RMCA families in 3rd and 4th grade to raise funds through February 11th for the support of KAS. I'll keep you posted on that endeavor also. Not "tooting our horn", but we all want you to know that your hands are where so many hands want to be there, HELPING! We pray for your strength and the Lord's continued guidance in your work!



BRESMA has about 50 children in care - some from before the earthquake, some who came in afterward in desperate need of aid. Every penny helps us to keep them alive. Thank you, RMCA!

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