Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Haitian Adoptions Reopen

Dear Friends,

It is with cautious optimism that All Blessings International, Inc., also known as Kentucky Adoption Services is beginning to again accept applicants interested in adopting a child in need from Haiti. There are rumors abounding about expedited adoptions from Haiti, although we do not expect this will be the case. In fact, we anticipate greater challenges in pursuing adoptions from Haiti than the previous process which was already fraught with uncertainty. We are also both scared and excited about our upcoming trip to Haiti (beginning April 9) – scared because we already have witnessed the terrible devastation first hand of the earthquake and realize that with the rainy season beginning we will bear witness to additional tragic consequences of one of the worst natural disasters to occur in our lifetimes. We are excited to be with our friends in Haiti again, to hold the children we care so dearly about and to attend to multiple areas of business, such as meeting with IBESR, the US Embassy, Haitian magistrates, humanitarian aid groups working in Haiti, etc. We hope to visit some of the tent cities and to assess the needs of children and families residing in the overwhelming aftermath of the January 12 earthquake.

To best explain to prospective adoptive families the current risks in embarking on an adoption from Haiti we have created a Haiti Full Disclosure Statement, which you can request from our main office. We will continue to be cautious in our acceptance of prospective adoptive families and anticipate accepting only :
  • couples who are both 35 years old or older

  • married or living together for the past 10 years
  • maximum of three biological children living at home
  • single female applicants 35 years or older
  • maximum of two biological children residing within the home

Prior to the earthquake, families meeting these qualifications were most readily accepted within the Haitian adoption system.

We are truly amazed and blessed at the number of families who became aware of the plight of orphans in Haiti following the earthquake and who have expressed interest in providing a permanent home for these children in need. For years we have been hard pressed to identify suitable families for the children we serve. We thank you for your interest, your support and the love you are offering to children we consider “our own”.

We will continue to dedicate our resources and our advocacy toward various humanitarian efforts in Haiti centered around the best interests of children. We ask that if you are unable to proceed with an adoption from Haiti that you consider a tax deductible gift to allow us to continue to further our mission of service, compassion and love toward the children and families of Haiti. We also ask that you consider possibly contributing toward the adoption expenses of a family who may lack the financial resources to pursue an adoption.

We will be conducting two webinar series to discuss the process of adopting from Haiti, costs, risks, etc. on Thursday, April 1st at 8 pm CST and Tuesday, April 6th at 8pm CST. If you are interested in attending either of these free informational sessions please RSVP to mandy@kentuckyadoptionservices.org.


A. Lucy Armistead
Director, All Blessings International / Kentucky Adoption Services

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  1. Praising God and continuing to pray for the people of Haiti. Thanks for serving.