Tuesday, April 20, 2010

BRESMA I Building

Today we went to IBESR to hand them the letter requesting an appointment. Although I did see Madame Pierre sitting at her desk, we were unable to get her to commit to meeting with us at all. A bit frustrating after a fairly long wait. IBESR looks intact, but all business is conducted outdoors under tarps at long tables set up along the side of the yard. UNICEF has the opposite side of the yard. The yard was full of people wearing T-shirts with the IBESR logo on one side and UNICEF’s on the other.

UNICEF was collecting blood samples from various people. Garlise was curious, and went over to ask what they were doing. He was told rather aggressively that they were not going to tell him anything, and that he needed to ask the IBESR director if he wanted to know. Very strange, for Haiti, where people are generally very chatty, open and friendly. Now I’m curious too!

This afternoon we were hoping to visit with Dr. Bernard, but were unable to connect with him. We went to visit BRESMA I instead. I had Franck stop 'my' BRESMA II on our way. It is so strange to see the house empty and silent. I could hear the phantom voices of dozens of children from over the years. It seems a sad thing until I remember that almost every one of those children are now safe at home with their families – what a miracle!

We are absolutely blessed that BRESMA I, the one building BRESMA owned, is largely undamaged. We went inside to check it out. No cracks were visible. The backyard was a bit of a shock, but Chantline, who was staying there, told me that Margarette’s construction crew had dismantled damaged patio concrete and was rebuilding. There are a few people camping in tents in the tiny front courtyard. Chantline says that she is afraid to go inside the building, so she and her three children are camped out in a tent with a TV, dorm refrigerator, toaster oven, and thick mats for bedding. I wonder if she will change her mind when the rain comes?

Manmi Lis, who was in charge of BRESMA II, came to meet us. I was thrilled to see her, and even happier to witness the reunion between Manmi Lis and my son. The love there is undeniable. Garlise is now taller than Lis, and stronger. I could see how proud she was of him.

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