Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Promise of What Could Be

Vacation day! My husband always says I’m running off for a Caribbean vacation when I travel to Haiti. Today, for the first time, it was true. We spent the day at Kaliko Beach Resort, just North of Cabaret on the Caribbean sea. It is Haiti as it could be, Haiti as it should be. A tropical vacation paradise. It was amazingly beautiful, and a constant breeze from the sea kept us from being made miserable by the unseasonably hot day.

The beach at Kaliko is made of pebbles and round rocks that were really hard on our feet. The water was crystal clear, blue and turquoise, and warm and still unlike any ocean water I have ever seen. Garlise and I saw brilliant yellow tropical fish marked with black bars swimming around our legs. Men walked up and down the beach selling very large live rock lobsters and crabs which are cooked on the spot for guests. Personally, I’m afraid of lobsters, so we opted for the buffet. Our $30 day passes included all we could eat plus a drink, or two non-alcoholic drinks. Garlise and I had fresh watermelon juice by the pool.

This is what Haiti could be! It is already happening here. There is such potential in Haiti, with it’s tropical climate and varied beauty, and it’s culture of hard work and honesty. So much hope. Seeing how Haiti could be and should be gives us all the determination to go on and create an economy here. The people deserve it.

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