Thursday, May 27, 2010

Name Change - All Blessings International

I am thrilled to announce that I may have heard the question, "Can we adopt from Haiti through your program if we don't live in Kentucky?" for the last time.

When Lucy Armistead founded the agency in her basement (which is a typical setting in which to found an adoption agency), 'Kentucky Adoption Services' really did say it all. But now, many years, adoption programs, humanitarian aid projects, clients, children, and two branch offices later, the name doesn't fit.

Lucy originally got the organization's 501(c)(3) recognition under the name All Blessings International, which is a much better fit and description. That's the name you'll hear if you call our offices. The phone number will not change. We'll keep our emails for quite some time.

Please check out our new website at We're pretty excited about it! Thank you so much for those of us who shared such glorious photos of your children to make the site come alive.

There will be a place on the site for your stories and pictures of your family. If you'd like to share your story with the world, and maybe help another family decide to open their hearts and homes to a Haitian child, this is your chance.

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