Saturday, April 30, 2011

So Maybe It Is a Caribbean Vacation

This is my 29th trip to Haiti.  Each time I travel, my husband (who I am leaving alone at home with seven children) grouses that I should at least think of him on my Caribbean vacation.  Usually I just roll my eyes and threaten to send him in my place next time.  So I arrived early this morning, got home to the guest house, and met Margarette.  She had just spent the week in Jeremie preparing progress reports with two representatives of Aide aux Enfants d'Haiti, a French organization which supports our general NGO, Fondation Bon Berger.  BRESMA orphanage is another project of the foundation, which is the licensed NGO in Haiti.

Margarette was absolutely exhausted, so she had packed up her three children and the two French guests in the van and invited me to join them on a trip to the Kaliko Beach Club.  So yes, I did spend the entire first day of my trip to Haiti on vacation.  Sorry, honey.  I tried not to enjoy myself too much, if that helps any.  Back to real work on Monday.