Monday, August 1, 2011

The First New Homecoming

We are beside ourselves with joy to announce that our first post-earthquake Haitian adoption is complete.  On Saturday afternoon, a special young lady of fifteen years landed in Miami with her adoptive mother.

L. is a 'true' orphan who has been adopted by a family who befriended her in Haiti several years ago.  The case entered IBESR in November of 2010.  Dispensation was needed, but as the child was from a different district, her adoption decree could be issued by a local court rather than Parquet court in Port-au-Prince.  This was an atypical case, as documents from the rural community where the child was born were difficult to secure, but the adoption decree itself was a bit easier.  We still view the processing time of only nine months from IBESR to homecoming as very promising.  May other children find their way home quickly too!

Congratulations and blessings to L.  You have waited a long time for a family.  We think you are very blessed with the one that you have found.

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  1. We're looking at going for a second adoption so this sounds good. (adopted our first at Brebis in Jan 04) I think you knew Tammy quite well. Just trying to get in contact with our agency Mission of Tears.