Monday, January 23, 2012

IBESR meeting on January 18th

Three members of members of the Haiti Creche Directors' Association attended a meeting with IBESR Director Arielle VILLEDROUIN on January 18th, 2012:

The following was translation of the meeting notes and commentary is from colleague Dixie Bickel's blog (with her permission).
1. The New Adoption Law:

It was not discussed because it is still being looked at and changed. I do know that it was on the agenda for the Senate to look at today! I was told that they will be looking at the law that the Deputies already voted on. I hope that is true even if it does need some changes, surely they won’t change everything!

2. Treatment of the dossier in IBESR:
Director said that it will not take more than 2 months to sign a dossier.

An employee will be designated to contact the orphanages if necessary corrections need to be done or if any dossiers are missing documents. Right now, they sit and wait for someone to pass by and find there needs to be corrections.

The orphanages can pass by IBESR two days per week (Monday and Wednesday) to check on their dossiers.

The Director wants to receive reports from adoptive parents about how the children are doing post adoption for 5 years. She wants it to talk about how the child is developing, adapting, a report card if they are in school, and 6 photos. The directors of each orphanage is responsible to turn these reports into IBESR.

A presidential dispensation is required for all dossiers where the adopting parents have one or more biological children.

IBESR has started looking at/treating the dossiers again and will be signing them again.

All of the orphanages doing adoptions must send IBESR a list of their dossiers in IBESR,which are sitting in Presidential Dispensations with the name, IBESR number as soon as possible so that these lists can be communicated to the President’s office of Dispensations.

4. Number of years married, age of the adoptive families, and process verbal, etc:
Under the law of 1974, all couples must have been married at least 10 years.

The Director of IBESR proposes to meet with the IBESR personnel concerning:

a. Allowing couples who are infertile or sterile and can prove it medically to adopt if they have been married 5 years

b. For couples married 5 years but have lived together for 5 years and have a certificate “de vie commune (co-habitation)” to adopt..

The Process Verbal not to be required for the dossier to go to IBESR (right now, we have to make 2 process verbal. One where I represent my parents and then that is removed and replaced with the one the parents sign after they come to Haiti to see the judge)

d.Before putting a dossier into IBESR, every orphanage must take the biological parents to IBESR to have adoption explained to them. IBESR will be open two days per week for seeing biological parents. IBESR is developing a form for this purpose at this time.

e. IBESR is rebuilding their archives where they can store the adoption dossiers.

f. IBESR will give the Association a list of all licensed creches (adopting agencies) in Haiti. We are hoping this will help us contact more creches to get them to be part of the Association and be more involved in adoption activities.

5. Cost of processing the dossiers by IBESR:
IBESR will probably be raising their fees to treat a dossier to as much as $500 USD per dossier.

We will all have to wait and see when and how these changes are implemented.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adoptions moving forward under the new government officials

Over the past month, we've seen a few dossiers signed out of IBESR under the management of our new Director, Mme. Villedrouin.  These dossiers met the criteria of the 1974 law.  Just yesterday seven dossiers originally submitted in 2010 (not ours!) were granted Dispensation under the direction of the new Prime Minister, Garry Conille.

Things are moving forward.  ABI welcomed home six children to their four new adoptive families in 2011, and this year we expect to welcome home many more.

The French government stated that they would re-open adoptions for French citizens on January 4th.  Hopefully this will provide more options for the children who cannot safely remain with biological family members or be placed for adoption in Haiti.

We continue our efforts to preserve and protect Haitian families.  Please read our annual report for 2011: .