Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adoptions moving forward under the new government officials

Over the past month, we've seen a few dossiers signed out of IBESR under the management of our new Director, Mme. Villedrouin.  These dossiers met the criteria of the 1974 law.  Just yesterday seven dossiers originally submitted in 2010 (not ours!) were granted Dispensation under the direction of the new Prime Minister, Garry Conille.

Things are moving forward.  ABI welcomed home six children to their four new adoptive families in 2011, and this year we expect to welcome home many more.

The French government stated that they would re-open adoptions for French citizens on January 4th.  Hopefully this will provide more options for the children who cannot safely remain with biological family members or be placed for adoption in Haiti.

We continue our efforts to preserve and protect Haitian families.  Please read our annual report for 2011: http://www.allblessings.org/download/BresmaActivitiesReportDec2011.pdf .

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