Sunday, February 12, 2012

Haiti Foundation Against Poverty

A short walk on the side of the 'haves' in Haiti: I go to brunch at Quartier Latin with friends. Petionville is a place of the sharpest contrasts. We park opposite a square that is denuded from the tents that so recently filled it, and eat at a restaurant that is an open courtyard. There's a jazz band, and the menu is excellent. Another hint of what Haiti could be – a vacation paradise. The climate here from November through April could be very inviting to travelers, and the people are remarkable year 'round.

In the afternoon Margarette comes over the the guesthouse all by herself in the micro-van. She almost never drives alone anymore, after being carjacked a few years ago. We go to HFAP (Haiti Foundation Against Poverty) to visit with Frantz and Mallery Neptune. We're placing a few children who are living here, but today we're here to talk prevention. HFAP has a Depo-Provera clinic. We are desperate to prevent 'repeat customers' at BRESMA, and give all the mothers of the children at BRESMA schools the ability to control their own fertility. This program is more financially feasible than I had dared to hope. HFAP is spending about $10 per woman per month. We make arrangements to refer our Port-au-Prince women to their clinic, as it is not at capacity, and begin discussing fundraising to replicate the project in Castaches.

Sherley's idea of supper for one
I think Sherley is trying to kill me with overindulgence.  I have to tell her at every meal that I simply can't eat as much as she thinks I can!

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