Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to the Capital: the calm before the meetings

Tortug' Air plane
Travel day. We're lucky. It's not pouring until after we land. The traffic is so terrible in the Capital that Margarette and I must wait a very long time for Franck to reach us, and the ride home takes an eternity. We are both very tired, and each tells the other that she is going to take a nap. However, I end up checking emails (102 in my absence) and guess who is responding to the new ones I send out? Perhaps my partner and I get along so well because we are both workaholics...

I have an adoptive father arrive in the evening, and one of my other families who is finally, finally about to leave Haiti after having been here for six months stops by. Everyone chats away, the parent at the beginning of the process and those who are, God be praised, almost finished.

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