Saturday, April 28, 2012

Building new families

Abandoned no longer: Wisnel and Elina have a family!
A relatively slow day. I go to BRESMA to distribute the gifts and albums I've brought down with me. Of course, this creates complete and utter pandemonium. I'll have to come back another day to see how the new kids actually behave.

I do get to do some of the best part of my job. I get to tell two sibling sets about their new families and go through photo albums with them. The older pair absolutely, completely, unmistakeably get it. They know exactly what adoption will mean, as best they can at this age, and they are thrilled. Leaping up and down, shrieking with joy, showing off their albums to everyone. I'm not really surprised. I knew Wisnel and Elina were pretty special the day I met them.

Sharing photo albums with friends
The younger sibling pair doesn't really understand, but it's fun to see how much they have blossomed since my last visit. Steeven is running everywhere and is much more outgoing, Guervenson is becoming a big boy!

I was here on Monday (I think),and there is noticeable progress on the construction. Margarette's target date to move the kids to their new house is June. We just might make it.

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