Friday, April 27, 2012

IBESR meeting

Whew. I lived. Didn't mess anything serious up. It did help to appear with an old friend when I met with Mme. Villedrouin. I feel that our meeting was productive and educational, both ways. Mme. Villedrouin is temporarily closing IBESR to new dossiers for the purpose of finishing those they already have, including DISPENSATIONS. She hopes to have all of those cases Dispensed by the time they begin accepting new dossiers after the 31st of July.

She strikes me as a very intelligent and motivated woman, who is passionate about child welfare. Just what we so desperately needed in this position. We spoke mostly in Kreyol, as she's not confident of her English, and my friend did some translating from English to French for some of the more compliated concepts we needed to discuss. I would not have had so successful a meeting without his help. Well, technically, I wouldn't have had any meeting at all without his help. I am deeply grateful.

Life is good at Au Bonheur
After that meeting, I go to Au Bonheur. I was so flustered and anxious this morning that I didn't bring along the items I have for kids here, so I'll probably end up making another trip. But I get some good photos of 'my' kids, and spending time here is always a treat. Sonia arrives, and we chat for a while.

Next, I move on to meet with Dr. Bernard in his office downtown. We discuss Hague issues and my IBESR meeting, and work on an action plan to protect Haiti from premature ratification. I will do all I can, and I have to learn to live with the fact that that's all I can do.

On the way home I have a barrage of phone calls, including one from Mike Noah and Mansour, who just finished their meeting with Mme. Villedrouin too. We compare notes. Teamwork is good, and Joint Council makes so much of our work possible.

It's four o' clock when I get back to the guest house. I have not eaten all day, and I am very tired. Time to answer emails, and to write up this account and them my notes about my various meetings for my various supervisors, colleagues, etc.

Saint Michael likes to describe my Haiti trips as 'Caribbean vacations'. If he doesn't watch it, I'm going to send him in my place next time!!


  1. God bless you for what you do!!

  2. This posting is causing a minor tempest in the adoption community! To clarify: IBESR is not accepting new dossiers between May 6th and July 31st. This in no way represents a 'shut down' of adoptions in Haiti. Personally, I view it as a very positive step. Mme. Villedrouin is deeply concerned about the welfare of children who have been awaiting Dispensations for a very long time, and she wants the department to focus on completing those cases.

    I cannot guarantee to anyone that IBESR will reopen to new cases on August 1st as has been discussed, but I will do my best to keep in close contact with IBESR during this temporary closure for new cases. Again, in my opinion, this is a great step forward for all children awaiting Dispensation. Some have been waiting far longer than is reasonable, and we once again have a Director who firmly believes that children belong in families, not in orphananges!