Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visiting Day

Today I paid Denis to take me up the mountains to visit our other two partners, Dr. Jacob Bernard at New Life Link and Dixie Bickel at God’s Littlest Angels. Both crèches are located in the hills above the city, in cool and beautiful surroundings. Visiting up here is always a treat, both because of the company and the scenery.

I stop by Dr. Bernard’s home first. He and Claudette operate a large guest house/ small hotel. Since the earthquake, Dr. Bernard uses a good sized auxiliary building to house his children. During the quake they were miles away from him, down in the city, and I believe he is still traumatized by the experience of being unable to reach them to protect them for an extended period of time. He’ll never have them so far from him again.

We pass a pleasant morning chatting about the changes in the procedures and what they might mean. Suddenly remembering that I used to work in IT, Dr. Bernard drafts me into sitting with him to update his website for a few hours. Anything for a friend!

Next it’s on to GLA for a visit with Dixie and Jean Bell. Jean is the US side coordinator for GLA. We’ve ‘known’ each other for years, but I’ve never met her before. This is a real treat!

The ladies and I spend a few hours chatting about the changes and Haiti and life in general before Dixie is drawn back to her usual hectic life. As am I – we have a long way to go down the mountain. I stop a while to speak to an adoptive mother who called me a few months ago to discuss a second adoption from GLA. It’s a rare treat to get to meet with her in person!

At last, tired and dirty from pollution, I return to BRESMA where Sherley has prepared enough food to last me at least three days. She’ll stand over me trying to get me to eat it all too…

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