Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Day at Home

Guess which one is the naughty twin?
This morning I met with the directors of a small, independent orphanage regarding a pre-identified adoption. We’re considering very few of these, as IBESR discourages them and each one must be presented on a case by case basis. This case is worth fighting for. The family has travelled to Haiti again and again, by themselves, over several years and the children are older. They have nowhere else to go, having been abandoned years before at the orphanage. We still have some very intimidating logistics to try to work out, but it’s worth trying in this case. If we can ever get to the point, between the quota and legal requirements, of presenting the case, I think I’ll be able to argue convincingly why these older kids should have a strong say in who their parents should be.

In the afternoon it’s back to BRESMA to play with the rather intimidating number of children already in care for whom I am responsible for finding families, and finding a way to submit the dossiers of those families. The pressure is overwhelming, the stakes very high. Failure is not an option. I have now seen the alternative up close and personal and I will never forget it.

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