Friday, April 26, 2013

IBESR Rumors

Some of you may have heard that IBESR officials are stating that IBESR will accept certain dossiers either outside of the quota or under the old policies. We are aware that IBESR has in fact made this statement. The first public announcement that this action was under consideration was made on April 3rd during a meeting with Mme.Villedrouin, the Director of IBESR, and a leadership committee of the Haitian Crèche Directors’ Association. At that meeting, Mme. Villedrouin stated that IBESR would email the crèche directors with the details. This has not occurred.

Additional reliable people have since reported to ABI that IBESR personnel continue to state that some dossiers will be accepted above and beyond the quota. However, IBESR has yet to issue a written statement or any details regarding the additional dossiers. We do not know how many may be submitted, what the criteria are for their acceptance of those dossiers, or when (or if) the submissions might occur.
Here are things that we do NOT know yet:
Which additional dossiers will be accepted – those in Haiti before a certain date? Only those allied with IBESR accredited agencies/currently re-licensed crèches?
  • When will these dossiers be allowed – for two days next week? For an unspecified period of time?
  • How dossiers many will be accepted – five per crèche? Five per agency? ALL of them that arrived in Haiti between October 31st and January 15th? All dossiers that are currently in country?
  • We have no idea whether dossiers of families adopting independently with no agency will be accepted (not the problem of anyone receiving this email).
  • We have no idea whether any of this at all will come to pass!
At this point, there is much more that we don’t know than that we do. We will keep you updated as we learn factual information regarding the situation.


  1. Has there been any talk about the changing of the adoption requirements yet?

  2. There have been rumors that the new law has been presented to or even passed by the Senate, but they are unconfirmed. We still don't know when/if the new law will pass, or what version will pass.