Thursday, May 16, 2013

IBESR Announcement

A notice was posted yesterday at IBESR. The translation below was provided by Isabelle Gallemaert, professional translator:

"IBESR general direction , considering the repeated request of children's homes managers, lawyers or lawyers offices to take into particular consideration the dossiers of children with special needs already matched under the former procedure;

Considering that the said dossiers couldn't be transmitted to the Adoption Services before the deadline of January 15th 2013, for several reasons;

Considering that in the interest of these children, it is necessary not to deprive them from the affection of their future adoptive parents with whom they are already in contact;

Consequently, the general direction decides to authorize the direction of social work and the administration to give instruction to the relevant departments to exceptionally receive these dossiers and whose consent has been given by the parents before the Justice of Peace prior to January 15 2013 , the 17, 20 and 21st of May being the deadline.

Managers of children's homes, lawyers or lawyers offices interested by this question are required to contact the adoption service regarding the modalities of instruction of these dossiers, according the new procedure.

Arielle Jeanty Villedrouin"

ABI has no further information and cannot speculate on exactly what the notice means on a practical level.  Families adopting with other agencies or orphanages are encouraged to contact the staff of those organizations for further information.