Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back in Haiti - Again!

A small friend welcomes me 'home'
I arrive to the usual greetings at the guesthouse, and I ask Sherley if she missed me. She tells me that of course she did. I ask her how that is possible, as I just left Haiti 15 days ago. Yep – 15 days. I didn’t even hang my clothes back up. They went right back into my suitcase. When IBESR calls, I come!

We have an English speaking European family staying here with their three daughters, previously adopted from Haiti, and their two new sons who should be going home with them shortly. The kids are delightful! I remember the girls from when they were very small, and the boys remember me from my visit two weeks ago.

The family speaks a lot of Kreyol, and it makes the adjustment a lot easier for their almost four year old boy. Wally Turnbull’s Kreyol Made Easy! Buy it!

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