Monday, November 25, 2013

IBESR Issues First Referral Approvals Under the New Adoption Policies

She may have a family soon - no wonder she's smiling!
The following message is reprinted from a message sent to other Haitian adoption agencies with permission from the Kate Dodson of  All God's Children International:

"AGCI received our first official referral match from IBESR for a child living at our partner home Rivers of Hope.

Our first group of birth parents were invited to attend at a meeting at IBESR in the end of August. In early October our representative was notified to attended a meeting at IBESR where she discussed possible matches for children in the relinquishment process. Our representative reported that it was a very positive meeting and that IBESR was very receptive to her input on referral matches. 

Last week our representative received a phone call from IBESR stating that we have an official referral. IBESR handed us the official match document.

The family now has 15 days to submit a written response of acceptance to IBESR. Once that is complete we anticipate receiving travel dates and information for the family."

Thank you, Kate, for sharing such good news for waiting adoptive families all around the world, and far more importantly, waiting children in Haiti!

Waiting at the orphanage

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