Saturday, January 18, 2014

Yet Again, Up the Mountain...

Future Stand-up Comedian
Three trips up the mountain in one week.  I’m practically a commuter now!

Dr. Bernard called me last night wanting to discuss a few very challenging cases that have transferred to New Life Link.  We know they have falsified documents in their dossiers from the crèche that assembled them.  I brief him on what I know USCIS can and cannot allow.  Hopefully my information will be enough for him to be able to get these families out of the nightmare that they are trapped in and bring the children home.  Dr. Bernard was always a proponent of independent adoption, and I assure him that under the old law the families didn’t technically need an agency, so USCIS cannot insist that they use one.  However, it can be very helpful to have an experienced, knowledgeable, and well connected agency representing you if you have an issue when your case reaches USCIS or DOS.  We’ll see what the families decide to do.

B. has decided to go with Dr. Bernard for her tricky pre-identified adoption.  They make the final arrangements.  B. is talking about wanting to spend a lot of time at New Life Link while she’s waiting.  I encourage her to barter working off her room and board in exchange for teaching while she’s there.  What a blessing she would be to the children at New Life Link!

The BRESMA Depot -
Food for Three Months!
In the afternoon, I go to BRESMA with Margarette.  All of the children are asking for Madam B., hoping she’ll come to teach them again.  I think it’s time to do some fundraising for an outside teacher, trained in more modern and exciting teaching methods to amuse and stimulate the children of BRESMA.  Every time I visit, Margarette swears up and down that she’ll never again accept a child who is over six years old.  But ten years into our relationship, I know that this is the one thing my friend lies about.  She’ll take in those who need her care, regardless of their ages or how much more difficult it is.  That’s why she does this work in the first place- because the need is great.

I give a few older children their case status updates, meet a few new kids, check over the poor health of two little ones transferred here from a crèche that did not feed them properly.  A few more photos and I’m done, and I tell the children I’ll be back again in a few months.  I say goodbye to those I hope never to see again living in this place.  Bittersweet, but mostly sweet.  After all, children belong in families.

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