Sunday, December 21, 2014

IBESR Announces Accredited/Re-accredited Agencies

On Friday, December 19th, IBESR announced the foreign adoption agencies accredited or re-accredited to work in Haiti for the next two years.  The US agencies are as follows:
  • A Love Beyond Borders
  • Adoption-Link
  • All Blessings International
  • All God's Children
  • America World Adoption
  • Bethany Christian Services
  • Building Arizona Families
  • Carolina Adoption Services
  • Chinese Children Adoption International
  • Children's Connection
  • Children of all Nations
  • European Adoption Services Consultants
  • Holt International
  • Lifeline Children's Services
  • MLJ Adoptions
  • Nightlight Christian Services
  • Wasatch
  • Wacap
Congratulations to those selected.

Not everyone is so lucky as to be at an orphanage like New Life Link!
The notice included a reinstitution of a quota:

2-     Quota per accredited adoption agency, not including adoption requests for special needs children or inter family adoption, is one dossier per month for the period between October 2014 until September 2016

3-     Each accredited adoption agency can, on top of the planned quota of article 2, send a maximum of five (5) additional dossiers regarding  adoption request of special needs and/or inter family adoption per fiscal year  comprised between October to September for the 2014/2016 time frame

Given that only 49 agencies worldwide have been accredited, if the quota is upheld only 833 children or sibling groups will be placed for adoption each year.  The number of children that IBESR is declaring in need of adoption services seems to be significantly higher.  Hopefully a compromise can be reached so that the needs of vulnerable and homeless children, particularly those with special needs, can be met.

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