Friday, March 27, 2015

Missed Meetings Again

An album from his new family to show off to his buddies
Me Jean is kind enough to call us this morning to let us know that she won’t be at IBESR to meet with us.  Sadly, this does not save us the drive, as we have to go to meet with her assistant to agree upon how we will officially request permission to re-do the little girl’s dossier, which Me Jean has already granted us over the phone.  We have to have a paper trail, I guess. 

It’s a useful trip anyway, as I get to say hello to a lot of the workers.  Face time is critically important in Haitian culture, and it’s very political to speak some Kreyol as well.  It shows that you care and that you respect the culture.  I’m surprised by how many people here I know.  Our agency has taken on a lot of the more complicated cases, so maybe it’s to be expected.  I meet the new person who is handling sending out referral letters and receiving the acceptances.  I apologize in advance for my atrocious written Kreyol.  I can get by verbally, but I’m pretty much illiterate.  I learned Kreyol from the kids, not from books.  I still have to say the words out loud to myself to understand what I’m reading.
We spend a few hours waiting from Me Guillaume (an attorney and the head of the Adoptions Division) as well, with whom we’d like to discuss a few issues, but he never appears.  Perhaps someone tipped him off that we’re here.  Poor man.  I always have questions for him that are difficult to answer.  I congratulate Mme Villedrouin on her recent award from the US Consulate for Women of Courage.

K.E. (soon to be K.E.B.) gives AUBE orphanage
a thumbs up
Next stop is AUBE.  The nannies have the kids chant a welcome for me and I get to applaud and tell them how wonderful it was.  I take a few photos of the children who are already referred and those for whom we hope referral letters will soon be issued.  Sonia and I go through our cases together.
Yesterday, Sonia parked herself in the office of the Mayor of Port-au-Prince all day long.  She is a kind and gentle woman, but she is also indomitable and persistent.  Apparently the Mayor has finally relented and stated that he’ll go to the Children’s Court next Tuesday.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but I know for sure that if he isn’t there, Sonia will stage sit in after sit in until he does.  She has no choice, as none of our abandoned children can go anywhere until he cooperates.

The kids look great.  I get to deliver an album to a little boy whose family will come soon for their visitation, chat with a few kids whose Manma Blan just came for a visit, and meet some delightful new older boys who are able to tell me why they are at Sonia’s and have a few questions about what will happen next.  I sure wish I could tell them when it will happen.  IBESR doesn’t want to do any more biological family trainings for a few months.  They’ve pulled the single social worker who does them off of interviews and have her doing some other job.  They so desperately need a reasonable sized team!
Back to the guest house at last.  I missed lunch again!  Perhaps it is because they know this that the ladies have prepared enough food for at least three people, even though I am currently our only resident.

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