Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Half-day

Sunday is supposed to be a day off.  But with only seven days on the ground, I don’t have time for a whole day off.  My first meeting is scheduled for 8:00 am, and it is truly serendipitous.  The family is Pureto Rican.  Susan referred them to me for cleanup of a really tangled, complex independent adoption.  They are the first US family to receive a letter from IBESR authorizing an out of order adoption.  It feels like coming full circle to meet here in Haiti with Susan, and I really enjoy meeting their delightful little girl.  She’s happy about meeting us too, once I convince her that I am not a doctor and that I am not going to give her any shots at all.
My next meeting is with Sonia Andre.  For some reason we mostly speak in English this time, which feels a bit odd.  We usually stick with Kreyol.  Well, this way is a lot easier for me!  We go over our case load too.  It sounds like we’ll have good news for several families quite soon, as Sonia is seeing a lot of progress too.
Finally, it is time to rest.  As a group, most of us go to the Karibe hotel which offers a great poolside lunch and pool pass package.  Once again, it rains, but when you are sitting in a hot tub with a bubble jet massaging your calves, getting even wetter just doesn’t matter.  I cheerfully procrastinate an enormous spreadsheet for Margarette to take to IBESR first thing Monday morning until late into the night, and I can’t even feel sorry for doing so.

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